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The Greatest Thing That Had Happen in 2011

April 10th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

For me, being a part of Casting360 family it’s the greatest thing that had happen in 2011, working in a place were you feel like home, with the people that you feel save, trying to do your best every day, achieving your personal best performance, it’s the coolest place you want to be, not mentioning that you are gaining also a huge amount of resources that surely influence your status, so Casting 360 family and it’s culture it’s more of a complex kind of thing, when you refer to company’s culture you refer to relations between the process of work and work’s quality, so it defers from your personal mood to your daily motivation and of course human factor, so as soon as we have the best from the best among us, and our motives are bigger and bigger every day, the only thing that stands in front of us is our own fear of disappointing ourselves in doing less than we are able to, so as far as nothing is changed from this above, we are cool, and inside culture hope raises  personal qualities and changes work attitude into a better place with the smartest people aboard.

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