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“Can I stay longer, I want to work overtime”

January 24th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Frankly speaking: the business model works! It is a tool to help people that didn’t have enough money to promote themselves as talents. The service makes everyone happy who make efforts to understand how it works.

When someone would say that they not believe that it worth being a client of Casting360, I would say you have to try it, before making a decision.

As a part of the company I heard a lot of opinions regarding the company culture by time, I will be honest some positive and some are negative. By listening to this I was asking myself: why these people seeing the company on a bad light where still working with the company, first I could not understand, but later I was told by them: that this is because they are paid to do it. It was something funny for me, this why I always responded to them that I am a part of the company because I like what I am doing and this is a more strong reason for me to be here (believe me I know money is important, money is always important for anyone-anywhere).

The most important in a company is to feel you are a part of the company, and bring your contribution to it’s development. This is the most important, this is how you never get tired while working, this is what gives you energy and happiness, this is how you start thinking positive, this is what makes you convince all people around you: from the fact that “it is a bad place for me to work” into “can I stay longer, I want to work overtime”.

For values of the company, I believe anybody can take a look at Casting360.com (About) and learn what we promote and what we do, discuss, like or unlike them, the more important is; do you believe that Casting360 values can be embraced by you personally? This is what you need in order to become a part of our team. In order to create a strong team, are needed people that will be able to form the root of the company, and I believe Casting360 has it.

The value that the company has must be kept alive, this brings meaning to what every person in the company does as a part of it.

From all the values of Casting360, I would say the “Embrace and drive improvement” – is the strongest one for me and drives me over any obstacles.

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